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Nepal is a very beautiful country full of mountains, hills, falls, & rivers. Here people are of different caste, creed, & races. Trible peoples having own cultures, customes, & different languages. The population is 30, 000,000. Because of Spiritual Blindness people are worshiping 330,000,000 gods, goddesses, & idols. In Nepal the Gospel has  just been introduced so people are still in their own traditions and are not fully transformed. Churches are still waiting and laying neither hot or cold. That is why Missions for Tribes and Nations-Nepal encourage many churches and the lost. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two major religions of Nepal and observers of these various faiths enjoy a sense of fellowship by worshiping many of the same gods. Two percent of Nepal are Christian. Others remain primarily Hindu. Most Christian worship silently as unknown Christian at this time due to high persecution. Pastor Ruben Rasaili is a Pastor who has a heart for the Tribal people in Nepal and he wants to see the Tribes come to Christ and stop worshipping idols. Pastor is presently praying for more power and more strength from the Lord to reach the Nepal Nation for the Kingdom of God. Please kindly take sometime to pray for the people of Nepal. 


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Missions for Tribes and Nations welcomes Pastors & Ministries  to support Nepal through Prayer, Financial support, Social & Emotional support as the Lord touches your heart! Gifts of Bibles are very welcomed for the Youth, Adults, Sick, Handicap, Elderly, and Elders of the Tribal Community. Any & all support is welcome especially your constant prayers!

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